goalkeeper camp 03.07.-29.06.2015.

What can a goalkeeper can do if wants to be in shape before the summer training period? If he likes challenges? If he wants to have a good time and develop on the technical side. Sign up to Tímea Sugár’s summercamp! In the summer nine goalkeepers did not regret attending Susu’s camp.

29th june 2015 - 3th july 2015. Venue: Tököl town sports hall. Following on from last years camp, susu gave the highest level of professional knowledge and motivation to her pupils at this years camp. “In any case I wanted to make this a professional camp where the technical side of goalkeeping is the focus with special programs alongside. - said by Susu, “But without the predetermination of gender or age, - she continued - we wanted to put them into special situations which are impossible during the year to bring them together and show them how interesting the position of goalkeeper is.”


There was nothing left to chance when I looked at the weekly program, I thought  how well developed it was. In between the professional and playful sessions there were always a variety of other sessions. One of those was Fanni Cziráky’s cricket session, where they had to do completely different movement, learned another style of coaching. “They found the game very interesting, - Fanni said - there is no better feedback than when people just lose themselves in the game, even without knowing anything about it 30 minutes before.” She said that everybody was so positive about it and caught the essence of the game so easily.

To practice special goalkeeper movements, several types of creative tools can be used, like frisbee, balloons (which turned out to be one of the favorites), tyres, they couldn’t find two similar excercises, they were learning, training hard and had fun at the same time. As I got to know more my favorite was the excercise which follows a big footstep on from a low stool, it makes you feel that you are flying, by the end of the week we called it the wing maker exercise. 


There were two suprise guests during the week Olívia Kamper and Éva Kiss, they were not only spectators but participated in the camp, played and trained with the goalies. Later we all had a chat together, we could ask questions, ask for advice, girls were telling stories about how it feel to play in the first division and being a national team player. Olívia Kamper also spent time in the swimming pool with them, planning for the afternoon. The campers were telling me stories about everything with a wide smile on their faces and enthusiasm in their voices. 


Susu invited me to the last day of the camp, so I spent Friday with the group, I could feel the athmosphere, the enjoyment of the group and experiences, alongside this I could try playing darts. Tököl town’s sport circle has a darts department and they helped to introduce the game to us. After a short while everybody was competing with each other. The other half of the group went on a horse cart and we visited beautiful parts of the town. It was great to see a part of the town which is only known by the locals(special thanks to the driverfor the all the information and the journey). 

I would like to say a special thanks for the work and help of Fanni Cziráky and Melinda Szikora, whom were a great help for Susu during the week on the professional and background work. You need to highly trust people to help you out. They were my pupils for a long time, so we know each other very well, they know my expectations, my attitude and I  trust them completely and the success of the camp is relying on this, because the respect with which we show to each other helps the kids open up. It would be very good if we could keep this trio for a long time.” For Fanni this is a good opportunity to work together again every year, she really enjoyed it and it was good to see so many happy faces who wanted to work. Meli enjoyed her time, and highlighted the exceptional  background work of Fanni. 

sugar_kapustabor_2015_sugarkapuskepzes.hu1.jpg sugar_kapustabor_2015_sugarkapuskepzes.hu2.JPG

The town mayor, Pál Hoffmann also helped a lot , Susu got to know him during her years in Fradi as a player. She thinks an awful lot of him “We adored each other and it didn't change during the year. The love he has for handball, makes people respect him.” - Susu  told me. “You just cannot be bored when you are with him, he solves every type of situation with great wisdom, it is still so much fun and you keep learning with every minute we spend together. Without him this thing couldn't happen and wouldn’t be that successful, because thanks to him I can concentrate on the professional side of the work.  

It is visible that there is so much energy during the week being able to give the greatest amount of energy, knowledge and experience to the kids. “I dreamed of a very intense professional camp which focused on the knowledge of being a goalkeeper, alongside wanting to make sure that everybody is having a good time and having fun who as they had decided to give up their holiday. “ Said Susu. Meli also said that the camp was about taking care of individuals taking them out of the big group and pay more attention to them one on one. The main point was about correcting mistakes and trying to develop skills. She also thinks that players who do not have such an important role at club level would get as much if not more out of the camp than anyone else.

What was the feedback following the camp and the work?

So many smiling faces, good spirit and bright eyes” -was told by Susu. When we hear the feedback and stories about what they had learnt during the days, told stories about what happened, they went to bed with the idea they really wanted to come back next day, those things made the camp. For a coach those moments are priceless and very special, these thing make you who you are and grow as a person. “

At the end of the day I just asked, next year, same people, same place? And nine goalies were raising their arms at the same time, heads were nodding, when a girl whispered, I think it should  be two weeks long next year. This is the type of feedback which makes sure that all the work and energy, knowledge, creativity put into this week was worth it.

We are awaiting next summer with a great excitement and a new camp. 

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