about me


I am very proud of my career, the achievment, and the way I did it.

This is my life, handball made me the person I am today. I have all the memories from my career all the people I have met and the friends I have made. I would like to share these memories and knowledge I have with people who want to play this sport.

Everything started on 11th November in 1990. I signed as a handball player to a team in Pécs called Lepke (means butterfly in hungarian - team has had many names and maybe that was not even the name at the time, but I like this the most of them all), that was the place where I started learn handball.

It started withtough work, tiring and inspirational training sessions, camps, matches with lots of experiences, lessons, sometimes failures and luckily with lots of victories and recognition. But it was worth it, because I could wear every sportspear sons dream, the national team jersey.

For me it was always a special event to wear the national team jersey, nothing can ever replace that feeling of playing for your country. It was a huge recognition to be part of the Hungarian National Team on several occasions.

When I read the following recognition we received after becoming eurpoean champions given to us by the minister, I still shivering:

“The stump of the republic bears testimony of the pride, which is felt by the hungarian nation, that You are amongst the world best sportswomen.”

About me, my career, recognition dates:

Name: Tímea Sugár

Place, Time of birth: Pécs, 21.10. 1977.

Schools/studies: 1996 Radnóti Miklós Közgazdasági Szakközépiskola - high-school graduation, professional graduation (accountant, statistian, financial planner)

Sport related studies: 2003 PE teacher, Pécs Science University Natural Science Departement

Thesis: Preparation  and rating of handball goalkeepers in the Hungarian first division.

1999 certificate as a referee

2008 Bemer therapist

2014 Handball coach

2015 PEK-TORNA teacher’s training (movement develpment program  3-10 years old kids suffering from function-, integration- and coordiantion- disorders)

Civil works: 12.08.2009 - 21.12.2013. - TERMINI-RAIL KFT., office manager

                       01.01.2014.-30.06.2014. -  IL CONCRETO KFT. - managing assistent

1. My career
career, teams:

11.11.1990 - 07.12.1994. - Pécsi lepke, regional selected youth, junior, adult, 3rd division, 2nd division, junior national team
07.12. 1994 - 30. 06. 1996 - PMKC 1st division, PEAC NBI/B 2nd div., youth, junior teams, junior and university selected national team player
1996/97 Kiskunhalasi NKSE NBI., DAC NBI/B. (2nd div), junior national team member 
1997/98 Kiskunhalasi NKSE NBI. (1st division)
1998/99 Debreceni VSC 
1999/2000 – 2003/2004 Ferencváros, National team member
2004/2005 – 2006/2007 Székesfehérvár

First team in 1st divison:  

7th of december 1994. I signed to Pécs MSC

First match in 1st divison: 

09.02.1994. Budapest TFSE-PMSC 22-30 (I played 10 mins in the second half)

First call to the national team (adult): 

9-11th february 1998. my first few sessions in between the posts

My first game with the national team: 

22.07.2000. REUnion, France - Hungary 27-25 (I played the last 24 minutes of the 2nd half)

Last game with the national team: 

06.06.2006. Brasil- CASCAVEL Brasil- Hungary 28-25

My very last game:  

09.03.2007. Kiskunhalas - Székesfehévár 28-34 (between my last match in the national team and the championship I didn’t play a game)

Results with the national teams:

1994. Junior European Championship, Lithuania 8th place

1996. University World Championship, Bulgaria 7th place

1997. Junior World Championship, Republic of cote d’ivory 10th place

2000. European championship, Romania 1st place, European Champion gold medal

2001. World championship, Italy 6th place

2002. European championship, Denmark 5th place

2003. World championship, Coratia 2nd place, World Champion silver medal

2005. World championship, Russia 3rd place, World Champion, bronze medal

Played for the national team 101 times

Results on club level:

2x Hungarian champion (2000,2002)

2x 2nd place in the Hungarian National Championship (2001,2003)

1x3rd place in the Hungarian National Championship (2004)

2x Hungarian Cup league winner (2001,2003)

1x Hungarian Cup league 2nd place (2006)

2x Hungarian Cup league 3rd place (2002,2004)

Final of the champion’s league (2002)

EHF cup winner (2005)

Special prizes: I have got numerous  special prizes and I am very proud of all of them. I remember how I felt when I received the best goalkeeper throphy with my Pécs’s team, which was followed by more on every levels.

Studying was always very important to me, so the good pupil, good player prize in unmistakable in the collection.

During our match in the champion’s league with Fradi, spectators chose me as the best sportwomen of the year, it was a great feeling for me.

In november 2002 Super cup was taken place in Skopje with the worlds 4 best club teams, I won the BEST GOALKEEPER PRIZE awarded  by the experts.

In Székesfehérvár after we won the EHF, the town gave us a plaque in recognition , to thank us.

After becoming european champions with the national team we earned an honor from the minister which was given in parliment.

My career as a goalkeeper coach:

From january 2000.  in KISPEST NBII. (3rd division)


2001/02 KISPEST NBI/B., Ferencváros youth development

2002/03 Ferencváros junior team

2003/04 Ferencváros junior team

2004/05 Székesfehérvár junior team

2005/06 Székesfehérvár junior team

2006/07 Székesfehérvár first division and youth development

Until that time I was doing charity work

2007/2008 Székesfehérvár NBI. first division and youth development

2008/2009 Székesfehérvár NBI. first division and youth development

2009/2010 Székesfehérvár NBI. first division and youth development

2010/2011 Székesfehérvár NBI. first division and youth development

2011/2012 Székesfehérvár NBI. first division and youth development

2012/2013 Székesfehérvár NBI. first division and youth development, Pázmánd NBII. 3rd division

2013/2014 Székesfehérvár NBI. first division and youth development, Pázmánd NBII. 3rd div, Tököl youth development

2014/2015 Székesfehérvár NBI. first division and youth development, Budapest, XVI. district’s team  youth development, Tököl youth development