Coahching phylosopy

PROFESSIONALISM  is something you are born to do. Even if it is not concious, we get committed in a direction, we find enough persistance, and power in ourselves to learn continously, to improve, to gain the knowledge, to achieve the goal. We see all the sacrifices, failiures not as barriers, but as elements to achieve our goal. If we are lucky case we find our profession early. I feel very lucky. My profession is handball, the goalkeeping position, and being a coach.

filozĂłfiĂĄm.pngAs a result of hard work, good teachers, support and opportunites I gained a very wide knowledge, which I could use very well not only as a goalkeeper, but also now in my coaching.

The professional side and technical training is not enough, it is an excellent and necessary base, but I believe that the training has to be adapted to the physical and psychological state of the goalkeeper. The player’s confidence and self-knowledge has the same importance as a well trained movement.  

We have to work with different physical and psychological excercises in every group to help them to find their personality and to become better all round players. We also have to help them to experience and understand,  the energy which they work within the goal has to be taken and evolved, but they also have to think with a clear head and make the right decision.  

As a goalkeeper coach, my job is to help them on their way with well-timed guidance, shape their motivation and mental development.

The work what I have done until now confirmed that the main part of teaching is belief, knowledge and personality which we show and the effect what we have on our pupils only with being. For the pupils it is important that we guide them in all aspects from the mental side to physical.

With any age group I work with, I always have the same aim: make them enjoy it, love it, and understand the essence of being a goalie, because that will be the time to learn and reach their limits of capability. What is the limit of capability? Not everybody is able to be a professional sports person , but handball is not only for them, everybody needs to find their level and identity and self-development is not a question of level.  It is very important to never forget that handball is a great game, which needs to be played, protected, loved, because with that the world of handball will become complete.

Every development, achievement and the way which it is achieved by the person is the real value.